Reflections on the Middle East Armed Conflicts

reflections-on-the-middle-east-armed-conflictsThere are many people who must fight a war and suffer just because their governments determine when they could instead live in peace. However, war is actually a business for a few powerful men from countries such as the US, Russia, etc. During the last century these two countries increased their power through military development and today their war potential is huge. Russia sells weapons to many Middle Eastern countries.

Does the memory of people that have gone through these atrocities actually represent what happened? Probably so. Although there is this constant message from the heads of state in these regions that claim that there is a huge gap between what really goes on and what the media says goes on here. As long as there is no dialogue between conflicting groups, intolerance and incomprehension will weigh more than the efforts to reconcile people.

Is there any possibility that centuries and millennia of conflict are finally left behind to give way to a brighter future? It sounds a bit like a utopia. One can always invest in education that provides children with the opportunity to choose their future from an early age, enabling them to think and draw their own conclusions, instead of simply repeating what their predecessors have said for centuries. In his song “You can not Blame the Youth”, Peter Tosh says that “you can not blame the youth if they do not learn if you teach them that Morgan, the Pirate was a good man, or if they give them toy guns every Christmas” .

Paulo Coelho says in an interesting interview that “today I see all the bridges collapsing.” It seems that nobody is able to reach a state of understanding. It is essential to find a way to address the fears of the past and decisions of the present with a lively, strong spirit, and stability to build a better future.