How the Middle-East Conflict Affects the Baltic Countries

The middle east has been witnessing conflicts ranging from civil war to full-fledged religious war for a very long time. What started with a single country is now engulfing the whole region, and with the two superpowers the USA and Russia getting involved, it is spreading to the Baltic countries. The recent bombings done by Russia which was supposed to inflict damages on the ISIS has affected Ukraine. The hidden agenda of Russia to destabilise Ukraine will affect other countries in the region. This is being taken really seriously by the NATO alliance which proposes to impose sanctions on Russia.

shutterstock_409078840Role of BSSSC in the current crisis

The Baltic Sea Sub-regional Co-operation was formed to contain human involvement threatening the natural environment. But with the current crisis boiling over to the Baltic region, this forum could play a role in limiting the effects of the Middle East war boiling over. The partnership with EU that this group has is the reason NATO is taking the Russian aggression seriously. NATO has warned Russia about the consequences of the aggression in the region. The efforts this group has put in are yielding results with Russia exhibiting restraint in the region. For other works of BSSSC, you can log on to

The conflict in Baltic region has to end

The Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine are causing real damage, and the use of Russia manufactured armoury with the rebels tells the whole story. Vladimir Putin the Russian president has done in this in the past in Latvia and Lithuania which were earlier in the USSR. If the infiltration continues, it could turn into a full-fledged world war which is a dangerous situation. NATO with EU are in talks with Russia and are trying everything which can avert a face to face conflict. The reason of averting the ISIS in the Arabian peninsula is not enough for exporting weapons to the Baltic region and Russia knows that.