Empowering Arabic Citizens

empowering-arabic-citizensWhat is power? Is it a feeling of plenitude? “Power to the people” is a common phrase that has been heard and shouted by many people in many parts of the world throughout the second half of the twentieth century. That slogan has united people from diverse backgrounds and also echoes in activists’ actions and thoughts, which, in turn, inspires them to keep working. Members of the NGO’s mentioned above are educators who interact with people of different ages and different social backgrounds.

The important thing about these volunteers is that they do not seek to “teach” certain knowledge established by books; the purpose of their classes or workshops is that people can think about their reality, deconstructing what appears to be “normal” or social norms and to bring about, renovating, transgressive thought, allowing children from marginal regions to see the world with new eyes. No matter where you live on planet Earth, the slogan mentioned before is valid for many, because in every country there are sentient beings that are entitled to feel free. From freedom and peace, societies can build solid foundations for a freer world.

There are various volunteer projects and programs spread out through many Arabic countries. One such organization is an NGO called Unison, which started in December of the year 2005. Many of the volunteers that have traveled far from home to participate in these projects might not even know a single word of Arabic. One popular project in 2015 was a workshop about drawing and painting mandalas. In the workshop, around 15 people participated every term, some of them with physical or intellectual disabilities, The workshops usually took place in the morning and brought about moments of joy and relaxation for people whose everyday reality can be tough. Art allows people to express themselves and connect with others.