Educational System in the Arabian Peninsula

educational-system-in-the-arabian-peninsulaKnowledge is defined as things that we learn in school, in universities, etc. However, learning is a lifelong process and does not only extend to school. The ability to learn is in every living being during their lifetime, although they might be particularly more receptive during childhood. It does not matter how long we study a particular subject or the intensity, but what really matter is whether the subject is interesting to us. Obviously, everyone has different likes and can be into different things that are related to who we are and what role we play in this world or in our society, which entails living, interacting, and sharing experiences with others.

So, the question that many ask themselves might be what is the most important thing people can achieve through education? Often, it is not a social position or a particular career that gives us money and purpose; the best that one can aim for is to have a healthy relationship with their self, with others, and with one’s environment. Relationships may or may not be based on mercantile activities.

One of the main points endorsed by some of the NGO’s that work in this area is the importance of understanding that each individual is a part of an immense universe, with the beauty nature has to offer us and everyone should, therefore, learn to respect that. Respecting one’s environment (including plants, animals, and humans) is a giant step towards good education, which, in turn, can bring a sense of well-being and freedom. The aim of these organizations is that this will lead to developing the children’s inner abilities and get them to achieve their dreams and desires in the long run. Another paramount aim of these organizations is to come up with new ways for applying education and how to improve children’s lives in every aspect (psychologically, physically, and emotionally).