This website is dedicated to the fascinating, intriguing world that the Middle East constitutes for most Westerners. This web page addresses primary issues related to history, culture, and society in the Middle East. This web page focuses mainly on the Arabian Peninsula and the Arabic countries in general and, particularly, on the hundreds of NGOs that work in the region. These NGO’s do all sorts of work aimed at improving the life of citizens, among them within different fields such as the educational system, industry, philosophy, health, gender issues, human rights, women’s rights, etc. In order to understand these cultures, we need to look at their history, religion, culture, and society; all factors that have played a major role in the development of the Middle Easter civilizations in general.

On this website, there are articles about the NGOs, (and their members) that work in different countries located in the Arabian Peninsula, such as the United Arab Emirates. Some of the NGO’s mentioned on this web page designed and put into practice a project that focuses on various fields, such as education, children’s wellbeing, construction, health, street arts, music etc. The information contained in this website and its many posts has been compiled and shared here with the aim of spreading information about the great work the many volunteers from all over the world do every day in the Middle Eastern region and the Arabian countries where Arabic is the main language (like the United Arab Emirates, for example, among many others).