How the Middle-East Conflict Affects the Baltic Countries

The middle east has been witnessing conflicts ranging from civil war to full-fledged religious war for a very long time. What started with a single country is now engulfing the whole region, and with the two superpowers the USA and Russia getting involved, it is spreading to the Baltic countries. The recent bombings done by

Reflections on the Middle East Armed Conflicts

There are many people who must fight a war and suffer just because their governments determine when they could instead live in peace. However, war is actually a business for a few powerful men from countries such as the US, Russia, etc. During the last century these two countries increased their power through military development

Conflicts in the Middle East

One of the main conflicts in today’s Middle Eastern countries is that those who do not profess the same faith (or even the faith in the same way) are considered members of other factions, and therefore the division between people is emphasized even further, sometimes even through violence. The Armenian diaspora was mentioned above. There

Background History of the Middle East

The Ottoman, Russian, and Persian empires were among the largest in the region. Tigran the Great (95-55 BC), on of the Armenian kings of the Armenian Empire, conquered Cappadocia and extended his rule to Phoenicia on the Mediterranean coast. There have been many other empires of greater or lesser importance in the region, and countless

Diary of a Traveler in the Middle East

While in Greece, before starting my trip through the Middle East, I posed a question that would guide me, my thoughts and my experiences while living in this unexplored region (for me). The question was: what does it mean for a person being an Arab? Do people actually identify with that or is it something

Power to the People in Iraq

In parallel to all the projects mentioned above, the NGO also designed a project in which people with special abilities would take the responsibility of being educators. The volunteers asked them to think of topics they consider important to teach to elementary school students. The aim of this activity would be to put people with

Empowering Arabic Citizens

What is power? Is it a feeling of plenitude? “Power to the people” is a common phrase that has been heard and shouted by many people in many parts of the world throughout the second half of the twentieth century. That slogan has united people from diverse backgrounds and also echoes in activists’ actions and

Educational System in the Arabian Peninsula

Knowledge is defined as things that we learn in school, in universities, etc. However, learning is a lifelong process and does not only extend to school. The ability to learn is in every living being during their lifetime, although they might be particularly more receptive during childhood. It does not matter how long we study

Work in the United Arab Emirates

The members of the various NGO’s that work in the region have done great work and progress in different areas. One of the projects consisted of dividing the children into small groups for different lessons. This technique allowed them to provide classes and play games with more accuracy and effectiveness because children have fewer distractions